AMIPA, Comprehensive Improvement on the life of the Intellectually Disabled Persons

The association AMIPA was founded in 1997. It was an association of families created to respond to the lack in opportunities for the young mentally disabled boys and girls in the councils of Sar, Dodro, Padrón, and Roi, in the region of Coruña.

In 2003, what started as a humble network of rural workshops turned into comprehensive continuous training. This training aims to promote self-development of each intellectually disabled person.

imagen AMIPA

Its area of activity is mainly rural. The activities organised by the association are adapted to the potential of the rural environment. Therefore, different activities related to ecological farming were organised. At the present moment, they grow products on an ecological vegetable garden, that are later sell at the village market of Padron'. These products have even obtained a certification from “Consello Regulador da Agricultura Ecolóxica de Galicia” (Galician Ecological Agriculture Control Board)

In addition, the association also has an occupational centre, and it offers different job programs, as well as leisure and sports activities.

At the same time, the organisation carries out a volunteering and awareness-raising program in the area. In this program the organisation informs the community about the activities that are being done and seeks for the local community implication on the project.

AMIPA is an initiative committed to promote equality of opportunities and people's abilities.