Biomass as Employment Driving Force in Vilalba

The Centro Ocupacional (Occupational Centre) is a facility specialized in day care. It is meant to provide comprehensive social and personal care for intellectually disabled persons. The centre provides training and formation activities, as well as vocational training and activities to developed personal and social skills.

imaxen mulleres de O Viso

Over the last years, the centre carries out a project using forest biomass aiming to exploit this energy resource, and to satisfy the heating power requirement of the facility.

In relation to the use of biomass, it not only supplies the boiler of the centre, but also generates a series of activities that promote labour integration, employability, and training. In addition to environmental care activities and to promote sustainable development, it also aims to put into value local resources.


Main issues to be discussed:
  • Joint agents in common projects of universalist character
  • Identification of resources with potential for inclusion