A Carqueixa, cooperative livestock in the mountain

This is an initiative launched with the help of CDR Ancares, to improve the conditions of the operations of cattle farms, especially with regard to sale prices. Constituted as agricultural cooperative in 1994, so it already has 20 years of experience. Its partners belong to different municipalities of the mountain of Lugo, in Os Ancares region.


It is an initiative heiress of a community revitalization process, with a philosophy of bottom-up, where the neighbors are protagonists in seeking common solutions to their common problems.

One of their strategies was the inclusion of farms in the Protected Geographical Indicative Tenreira Galega (Galician Veal) and, subsequently, the intercooperation with cattle cooperatives from other regions of Galicia, creating the second degree cooperative Artesáns Gandeiros. Once consolidated the main purpose of marketing, they went rendering other services such as the purchase of inputs or marketing of family farming surpluses (chestnuts, apples, etc.).