A Cova da Terra, Working for Fairer and more Ecological Rural Areas

A Cova da Terra (The World's Cave) is a pioneering fair trade and responsible consumption initiative in Galicia. Placed in the city of Lugo, it covers three main working areas: the shop (a responsible consumption tool), a social centre (where activities related to ethical bank, feminism, renewable energy sources, international cooperation, etc. are organised), Kandahaira resource centre (used as library and documentation centre), and an educational project.

Under this last working area, A Cova da terra attempts to train and create awareness to promote fairer economic relations. An instance of one of its projects is 'As mulleres alimentan o mundo' (Women Feed the World). In this project, workshops for women in rural areas are organised, and it also promotes encounters with women from other countries around the concept of food sovereignty.

image A Cova da Terra

Through the initiative 'De aquí, xusto e ecolóxico' (From Here, Fair and Ecological), A Cova da Terra encourages the idea of rural areas as places for opportunity to change economic and nature relations. It encourages ecological and sustainable initiatives, and it seeks to promote local food production under ethical and fair criteria.

This project's main tool is the guide 'How to Make Fairer and Ecological Rural Areas'. In this guide, different initiatives and examples of rural development are shown: ecological production, processing, and distribution, basic rules, assessing, economic sustainability, funding, etc. In addition to the guide, which is available online, different workshops were organised throughout Galicia.