Esmelle's Project: Recovering Communal Solidarity and Patrimony

This project starts in the parish of Esmelle, in the area of Ferrol, at the end of 2013. Its goals were to put into value the Val (Valley), by recovering its heritage and to use sustainably its resources.

The neighbourhood association of Esmelle, in a volunteering way, organise working sessions to rehabilitate and clean the ethnographic heritage. Moreover, they carry out educational sessions dedicated to rural environment, heritage, and to recover the indigenous forest.

Their goals are the following

  • To promote volunteering action focussed on heritage recovery and conservation
  • To train and increase public awareness on environmental protection.
  • To promote tourist activities in the Val de Esmelle.
  • To put into value ethnographic, historical, and intangible heritage.

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the help of neighbours is needed, as well as to seek the administration and holders support, and to carry out social activities that help the understanding of the project.

Imaxen proxecto esmelle

This project can be carried out in different places. For the project to succeed, it has to awake neighbour’s awareness to change their environment, to preserve what is theirs, and to respect resources.