MiAvizor, Socio-Sanitary Teleprevention for People Living Alone

MiAvizor is an advanced teleprevention system patented by the Faculty of Psychiatry of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Through an installation of wireless sensors at different strategic positions in homes, the person's movements are monitored in order to identify possible incidents: if the person does not leave the room during the whole day, if the person is not following meal schedules, etc.


Information accessibility is configured in order that it is possible for families, health and home assistance personnel, or any other who provides the person with a service to access this information. Information access is done through a web platform.

Technology is not intrusive, and it respects people's intimacy, since there are no visual images. It uses signals that help to supervise daily routines, and it informs of changes or modifications that indicate the possible problem that the person might have.

This idea emerges from the evaluation of the service offered by Consorcio do Benestar 'Xantar na Casa' (Lunch at home). This evaluation detects the necessity to monitor the weekly supply of food consumption. At the present moment, MiAvizor is installed in more than 225 Galician homes.

For more information: www.miavizor.es