Plan Galicia Saudable, Physical Activity and Active Ageing

Plan Galicia Saudable (Healthy Galicia Plan) was created to encourage physical activity and it is driven by Xunta de Galicia. It has as its main goal to improve Galician population's life quality through regular physical activity and sports.

Plan Galicia Saudable attempts to favour the necessary conditions to make Galician population enjoy a more active life. This more active life, would allow them to maintain personal autonomy and their health, as well as to enjoy of a better well-being and life quality. Therefore, it would prevent sedentary lifestyle sickness, from childhood through to old age. The Plan attempts to create the conditions to make every person living in our community able to enjoy an active lifestyle that would favour their health, promoting a more active and healthier Galicia.

Plan Galicia Saudable

The high rate of population ageing makes Galicia one of the most vulnerable regions of the EU from the present moment up to 2020. The birth rate is decreasing and the mortality rate is raising. It is predicted that the number of inhabitants will drop (a 1.5% in 2020). Galicia is characterised by a high ageing and geriatrification level (one of the highest of Spain and the European Union regions). This high rate is mainly found in the areas of Lugo and Ourense, and, predominantly, in women. The number of the elderly population almost doubles the number of population younger than 16.

One of the Plan's areas of action focusses on rural population and the elderly in Councils of less than 10,000 inhabitants. These are the areas where the lowest rate of sports participants is found, in addition to the lowest levels of satisfaction regarding sports and psychical activities, and the presence of people who have never practised any sport.

Galicia Saudable includes 156 different measures divided into 7 action areas: Health, Communal and Local, Leisure Time and Sports, Labour, Educational, Urban and Environmental Development and their Infrastructures, and the Elderly. In addition, there are also three transversal areas (women, disabilities, and collectives at risk of exclusion).

Some of the direct actions included in this program are: the creation of programs of leisure time activities for the elderly, specific projects to introduce regular and health oriented physical exercise, and/or other points of attention for the elderly. Moreover, it carries out other transversal activities included in its action areas.