Proxecto Sementeira, Ecological Social and Labour Inclusion

Sementerira is a project carried out by Cáritas to contribute to environmental, economic, and social sustainability in the region of Ordes. It consists of providing urban vegetable gardens to families suffering from economic deprivation, and/or from social exclusion, or families who are at risk of exclusion.

It aims to provide these families the opportunity to participate in a social project, and to provide them with a support tool for their economic sustainability through vegetable farming for their own consumption. This initiative attempts to minimise the dependency that they have on food banks, as well as to contribute to their training, in order to help on their labour inclusion.

Around 30 families benefit from this initiative. They can use a 7.000 m2 area for their plots in the urban centre of Ordes, which was assigned by the Council. Each plot has a small greenhouse, in addition to other services, store places, and an area reserved for recycling, where compost is made.

Imaxen proxecto sementeira

The process of learning a horticultural job is not only technical. They are also trained on how to organise groups, material management, labour skills, and living together. The training process is completed by learning how to apply the previously mentioned knowledge in the work sphere: active employment seeking, the analysis of the area's working conditions...

When training is completed, a job pool is created. The job-pool acts as a facilitator to find paid employment and assessing self-employment initiatives.