South Tipperary Development Company, focussing on a local & integrated development


This organization aims at improving the social and economic circumstances of targeted individuals, groups and communities within the South Tipperary area through the implementation of a number of Rural Development and Social Inclusion Programmes.

South Tipperary Development Company (STDC) is the Local Action Group (LAG) for this area. It operates two primary programmes, namely The ‘Rural Development’ or ‘Leader 2007-13’ Programme and the Social Inclusion (LCDP) Programme. It has over 225 people employed on these programmes and employs a further twenty people at their headquarters in Cahir, County Tipperary, Ireland.

A number of initiatives operate within each programme including The National Recreation Strategy, the Rural Social Scheme (RSS) and the local community work programmes of ‘Tús’ (meaning ‘Beginning’ in Irish).

The Tús Programme is an Active Labour Market Programme (ALMP) that is delivered locally by South Tipperary Development Company (STDC) on behalf of the Government’s Department of Social Protection. Tús is designed to provide short term working opportunities to unemployed people, while at the same time supporting the broad range of services delivered by community and voluntary bodies. Providing that an organisation or group is a not-for–profit one, they can apply for a participant who can work part-time for twelve months with that organisation. The working opportunities can range from office administration, sports training, community centre caretaking, to mountain trail maintenance or habitat restoration. The only limits are those placed by the non-availability of suitable placement opportunities in an area. The more remote the area, the less opportunities are available for a person from that locality to benefit from the programme. This, in a small sense, relates to the earlier Symbios theme of ‘territorial exclusion’.


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Key questions:
  • The tight link between rural development and social inclusion
  • How to use the community (social, environmental, etc…) needs as an opportunity to create short term jobs and labour inclusion in rural areas