University Youth Serving Rural Development: Geraz com Querença

The parish of Santa Leocádia de Geraz da Lima developed the project “Geraz con Querença”.

The project consists of defining a long term strategy to energize the territory. Its main objective was to put into value the territory's endogenous assets and to contribute to give back value to the local cultural identity and the life quality in this rural space.

imaxen geraz

In order to achieve this objective 9 young newly graduates in different areas of knowledge were hired. The areas of knowledge in which these newly graduates have specialised in were tourism, sports, agricultural engineering, gerontology, and computer science among others.

Each of them had to develop a project likely to turn into a viable business once the hiring time was over. They also carried out group interventions, such as in fairs, where local production was promoted.


Main issues to be discussed:
  • University knowledge and rural development
  • A model of sustainable development is built on the basis of traditional community formulas